CCNA and CCNP in learning suggestions

CCNA and CCNP in learning suggestions

Some friends asked me how to learn CCNA? First of all, I think CCNA exam, as the foundation of Cisco network, is very important. If you learn CCNA well, it’s equivalent to laying a good foundation, and then it’s very easy to go up. Just as a senior said in that year, when you test CCIE, you should read the CCNA textbook three times first. This shows that the foundation is very important.

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There are two ways to learn CCNA test: self-study or training class. I think this varies from person to person. As far as I’m concerned, I learned the new CCNA exam in the training class long ago or in 2009. The advantage of the class is that I can see real network equipment, such as switches, routers, including racks, and how to connect them. This is very important. Because I have to deal with real equipment in the future. Another advantage is that in the course of class there is not clear, you can directly communicate with the teacher. I think it’s also very important.

In the first case, if you are a computer major, network engineering major or communication engineering major, if you have seen Cisco’s equipment and how to install it in your previous study and work, that is, you have at least seen the equipment, you can not attend the tutorial class, such as watching online videos or buying books for self-study.

In the second case, if you have not seen the real equipment before, you should take a training class. For example, I graduated from computer scienceBut the university mainly studied software development, such as Java, C, software engineering and so on, so I didn’t see switches, routers and so on. I chose to study CCNA exam in the training class around 2009.

As for CCNP certifications, I think it’s completely possible to study online. The premise is that you think your CCNA test is relatively solid, so I found a very famous teacher on the Internet to learn his distance CCNP courseware. Because the examination of CCNP is very expensive, and the training class is even more expensive, ha ha. Finally, let’s talk about the learning cycle. I think it will take two months to really understand CCNA if there is no foundation.

1. CCNA test needs to study for three weeks, that is to say, two times, and the general training class is a cycle of 10 days.

2. To do the decomposition experiment, it takes about two weeks, that is, to complete the experiment in the study by oneself, because the examination is not the purpose, the purpose is to improve the operation and prepare for the work.

3. Understand the question bank for about three weeks. Note that I don’t mean to memorize, but to make clear the knowledge in the question bank. As for CCNP, I think it takes at least six to seven months from study to test preparation to fully master it. These are my views. I hope to make progress with you. Thank you

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CCNA and CCNP in learning suggestions